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Everyone is entitled to know they are consuming and should be able to make an informed decision on what enters their body.

The testing of CBD is essential to ensure our products have the highest levels of Quality, Potency and Purity.

  • Testing for Potency will establish the exact number of Cannabinoids in the product. CBD is not the only Cannabinoid in cannabis, there are hundreds of known Cannabinoids in the cannabis plant and a lab test is vital to confirm the level of Cannabinoids.  
  • We want a high potency CBD product but it’s also essential to have small amounts of the other Cannabinoids as it is the quality also known as the entourage effect of these compounds that makes it truly effective.
  • Testing for Terpenes is to identify the compounds that produce the colour and distinctive flavours to the final product. Terpenes are thought to have many beneficial effects as well as CBD.  
  • Testing for pesticides is so we have assured the safety and purity of the cannabis.  
  • Testing for bacteria or mould on the plant done to ensure there are no harmful bacteria/virus’ present.

We are dedicated making sure our customers receive only the highest quality of CBD oil in your all of your products.

CBD Oil Drops 10ml
CBD Paste | Concentrate Oral Syringe
ME | Everyday CBD Additive
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1000MG | 10ml CBD Oil Oral Drops
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