No two CBD oils are the same

No two CBD oils are the same - Natural Organic Pure Clean CBD Oils | NOPC



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"So, how does the consumer know which company to use or find one that can be trusted? "......   "How do you differentiate between various CBD companies and their products? "......   "Why is it that one CBD manufacturer sells CBD for a low price and one company is far more expensive than the other ? What are the differences in CBD oils ?"

.....Do please read on .... as we will try to enlighten and both educate you on changes in the industry and at the same time ...  demonstrating why the oils here at NOPC Oils (Natural Organic Pure Clean CBD Oils) are considered so special and loved so much by our many returning customers.

As you are probably already aware 2018 / 2019 saw CBD (Cannabidiol) everywhere, literally becoming a household name overnight! Thrown into the media spotlight and mainstream news, a hot topic which has been publicised, promoted and has become one of the most discussed topics around the globe. Alongside this, is an array of CBD infused products now on offer and sold at well known high street health food stores, major chemists, supermarkets and online. Boosting CBD to rank one of the highest google search terms, and the curiosity shows no sign of slowing down.

You cannot go anywhere without hearing, reading or someone you know talking about CBD (Cannabidiol). A far cry from the once historically frowned upon and outlawed substance, due to the fact it derives from cannabis - people are finally starting to look past that fact, listen, and learning. A long journey towards the evolution for the Cannabis saliva plant and CBD.

Media which has influenced and somewhat accredited through heavily publicised and mass media filled journalism that had in previous years,  typically tarnished the name of the humble and versatile cannabis sativa (hemp plant) . A robust and natural plant which also carries a multitude of sustainable environmentally friendly uses - aside from its extracted compound, CBD which is now commonly and socially accepted as a food supplement by the masses. 


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This recent and continuous mass media frenzy for CBD, has created a  rise and sudden influx of opportunists and entrepreneurs alike who are quickly looking to cash in on the 'CBD phenomenon' that is sweeping the globe. An industry that has no plans to slow down for the foreseeable future.

So with this said - the future looks very promising for cannabis sativa and the CBD industry as reported by FORBES 2019 .



You may say that there isn't one, however ...

A direct result of this mass media CBD trend has led the media industry to discuss and actively promote the potential health claims associated with CBD. These have in-turn been frequently shared across social media channels by CBD enthusiasts, advocates, consumers as well as its many distributors alike. Many large CBD companies, have experienced representatives being branded as {snake oil salesmen) by the same media, they are therefore also hugely damaging to the CBD industry. 

There is a lot of confusion surrounding CBD due to the varied information and product ranges that are now available. With so many untrustworthy opportuniststs selling fake CBD products, enticing consumers with their very low prices and providing them with incorrect information and leaving them unable to understand the basics like; what is CBD and where does it come from. 


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Products containing in some cases no CBD and in some cases there have been products found containing harmful chemicals, including banned substances and pesticides used in farming or mass manufacturing processes of which can potentially be extremely dangerous.

Many CBD products have been independently tested at random and as reported in the media some were found to contain higher levels of THC than what is currently permitted under EU & UK law. Many that were tested did not contain any CBD at all! ... causing huge concern to the consumer, creating confusion and a lack of trust in the CBD industry, its manufacturers and distributors. 

The CBD marketplace has therefore become a minefield for the consumer leading to some UK and EU government bodies and associations (MHRA ,EFSA ) to take action and look closer at the CBD companies, their products, procedures, standards as well as evaluate marketing practices.

In some case, there are CBD companies who are ignoring the guidelines and are wrongly still falsely advertising and making medical claims. This is damaging to the CBD industry and its future as could lead to CBD being classified as a novel food.


“How do I know which company I should purchase CBD Oil products from?...  “you might ask.

Have you heard of the CTA? ... (Cannabis Trades association).The Hemp Trades Association UK Limited - trading as The Cannabis Trades Association. The (CTA) is one of the only recognised, cannabinoid trade associations for the UK & Europe.


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Who are 'The Cannabis Trades Association' (CTA UK) 

The Cannabis Trades Association (CTA UK) work with all sectors of the hemp and cannabis industry to promote good practice and ensure that their members are complying with all EU and UK laws, policies and regulations, alongside the rules and regulations of the CTA UK. Providing practical advice and ensuring the consumers of legal cannabis and hemp products have access to top quality information and trustworthy companies alike.

The CTA UK work consistently with the MHRA and the EFSA as recognised Stakeholders to the official guidance given by such authorities as well as working with many local council and law enforcement agencies across the country to establish legislation and ensure the industry has official, effective guidance and standards, with compliance from an internal CTA UK compliance team to assist in maintaining and creating a level playing field between its members of whom are fully compliant. A members failure to comply sees an immediate removal from the CTA UK and membership withdrawn. 

Accredited members of the CTA UK, are required to go through strict processes and compliance requirements, which are set out and are together in accordance and co-operation with the MHRA and EFSA. From 2019, all products sold by CTA UK members are tested independently to ensure quality and that all such high standards are met. 

The limited company directors of which are CTA UK members, will have had a full criminal background check, including having there financial status audited - the trading companies in which CTA UK members operate, including social media accounts, all advertising and marketing material is therefore deemed compliant. And this is also extended to branding, including the labeling of their products and packaging, ensuring that all meet the strict guidelines and criteria which is set out by the CTA UK in order to ensure and guarantee full compliance is met, that the rules and guidelines of the industry are duly followed. Thus protecting the consumer and reestablishing trust within the CBD industry and its providers.

Therefore, it is suggested that a consumer should in the first instance when considering purchasing any CBD products, should look towards a CBD seller and manufacturer that is an accredited member of the CTA, in order to ascertain a level of trust.



So what makes NOPC Oils different from other CBD Oils on the market?

Firstly NOPC Oils (Natural Organic Pure Clean CBD Oils) are an active accredited member of the Cannabis Trades Association UK (CTA) and have been since 2018! You've seen above what this means when it comes to compliance of our products and why this is assuring to consumers. We have also been audited for compliance by both the CTA and MHRA.

The second is the strict processes followed from sourcing our CBD in the USA, as well as the extraction methods used. Naturally developed, using organic farming practices. Processing Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) hemp oil through state-of-the-art extraction and purification facilities. Following rigorous quality control allowing the creation of the best products with the highest potencies and purity. Which promises a safe and regulated product, with excellent characteristics. Farmed with full access to water rights and combined with no use of synthetic pesticides and chemicals, creating best-in-class, sustainable farming practices.


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And then let’s not forget the complex and mathematical infusion processes used,  in the laboratory, along with the choice of  specific, organic essential oils that are sometimes used too, all of which are key to manufacturing premium and refined CBD (Cannabidiol) products. All this is done to carry out our main objective - to give everyone access to a range of the very best, high quality CBD based products, and providing a personal, trustworthy and informative service.

We want customers to be assured that the CBD products they are buying from us are as good as we say, all natural, certified, genuine, safe and offered at the most reasonable / affordable prices.


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There is a definitive reason why one CBD Oil Tincture / CBD Oil Drops may be sold for £20.00 in your local high street store, vape shop or local street market and why another CBD Oil is sold for more £££..... Quality!

Which is what you'd expect when purchasing from a premium specialist CBD manufacturer and distributor, like NOPC Oils.

Quality, Standards, Reliability, Process & Trust are words that should first come to mind to the consumer .... when selecting a brand to purchase your CBD oil products. Had this be a CBD Oil Tincture or a CBD Balm. Quality the high standards followed are what make NOPC Oils 'special'  - we are passionate about CBD and our expert infuser is the most passionate person that we have ever met when it comes to CBD and the intricate details and standards hes follows when infusing and creating such amazing products - if standards and quality are not met then our products would not go to market !

CBD is a financial expense, so when looking to invest in  yourself with a CBD supplement you need to ensure that the product is exactly what it says it is - by purchasing from a CTA accredited member. Ensuring confidence that the product purchased will contain the ingredient that you are actually paying for - CBD (Cannabidiol).

Many CBD Oils sold on the market potentially do not, or in some cases hold very low levels of CBD content, but the products were labelled 10% or 1000mg CBD content This was found out in independent tests carried out.


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Our CBD ( Cannabidiol) is : 
  • A Phyto cannabinoid Rich hemp oil 
  • Eco friendly - No Pesticides
  • Vegan - with exception to our Balms which contain organic Bees honey and pollen 
  • No GMO - Our products do not contain any genetically modified organisms 
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • Extracted using state of the art processes 
  • Supercritical CO2 used to produce an extract rich in natural terpenes, CBD (Cannabidiol)and other phyto cannabinoids 


  • Extracted using state of the art processes
  • Supercritical CO2 used to produce an extract rich in natural phyto-cannabinoids, terpenes, sterols, flavonoids, and fatty acids from the plant.
  • High CBD, low THC, and high terpene plant genetics lead to high-quality extract
  • No additives
  • Unique extraction processes used in order to preserve terpenes and other desired volatiles 



  • All other components, minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are preserved
  • NO Solvents
  • NO Heavy Metals present in the soil
  • Eco friendly - NO Pesticides
  • GMO-free  


Our CBD (Cannabidiol) supplier follows organic farming processes & methods hold the following certificates and accreditation’s:


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The CBD (Cannabidiol) extract is further subjected to winterisation and solvent removal through vacuum distillation leaving you with one of the most filtered and refined CBD oils available in the UK market. This Extract is then expertly infused in the UK into our wide range of CBD products - together with Organic ingredients and fully compliant to UK & EU laws, and with this said many of our high quality and totally hand made CBD products - we are completely Delta 9-THC free!!

Meaning our oil is beneath what is classified as within the law and less than 0.2% THC content satisfying legal legislation.



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The CBD used in our products is sourced from the USA, a high quality Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) hemp oil, naturally developed and processed following eco-friendly, organic farming practices. Grown outside under the sun, and nurtured by mother nature then extracted using state-of-the-art supercritical CO2 extraction and purification processes, to maintain and preserve the broad plant components, whilst removing undesirable and illegal compounds, such as THC.  

Following rigorous quality control procedures and farmed without the use of pesticides or chemicals and promoting sustainable farming practices. Allowing for the production of a premium quality CBD extract, rich in natural phyto-cannabinoids, terpenes, sterols, flavonoids, and fatty acids from the whole plant.

This CBD extract is then expertly and uniquely infused in London, UK by our expert infuser in a clean, sterile environment with state of the art clean rooms used in the infusion processes of all NOPC Oils products. 

Employing all of these practices, when brought together enables us to offer our customers what we believe to be - some of the best and most premium quality CBD products on the market, with the highest potencies and purity available.

The CBD products we sell are classed as food supplements, they are made from industrial grown hemp with less than 0.2% THC (the psychoactive element) and are legal for sale in the UK. 



Final thoughts....

When taking all of this information into consideration, when thinking about starting your CBD journey, you can now see why there is such a contrasting difference in prices depending on where you purchase CBD from. When investing in yourself, think about what you would rather purchase.

In order to save a few £ - a cheap oil that doesn't have the assurance of containing any cannabidiol (CBD) or at least very little content. Runs the risk of being unsafe to consume and doesn't actually have any benefits.


A certified and safe CBD product that may cost a few £ more.... from a company that has be checked for the following; Quality, Standards, Reliability, Process & Trust. And a company that has one of the highest returning customer rates, which speaks for itself! 

We know exactly where we would go!....  What are you waiting for?


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  • Angela Noon: September 23, 2019

    I will be loyal to NOPC Oils always. Your products are fantastic and there is a great choice. Service is second to none and given the quality, so is the value. Thank you so much for all this and for developing a community that is supportive and able to grow in knowledge and understanding thanks to your consistent updates and communication.

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