Historical Moment for UK Radio and CBD Industry

Historical Moment for UK Radio and CBD Industry - Natural Organic Pure Clean CBD Oils | NOPC OIls-www.nopcoils.com



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While commercial imperatives drove the development of radio in the US from when it arrived around 1920, radio in the UK was heavily regulated and ad-free from the start.

The BBC was born in here in the UK 1922, this same year also saw the debut of the first 'paid for' radio commercial. 

On 28 August the New York Station 'WEAF' aired the first radio commercial, which cost Queensboro Corporation $50 for 50 minutes of airtime in order to advertise the sale of apartments in Jackson Heights.

However, commercial radio took a lot longer to emerge here in the UK. 



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Radio ads across Europe were broadcast as early as the 1930s, from stations such as Radio Luxembourg and Radio Normandie, and because of this were familiar amongst the British population.  In fact they became so popular with the Brits, that many thought commercial radio would be introduced here in 1936 - but the BBC and the Newspaper Publishers Association killed off the idea.

It wasn’t until years later, at 6.08am on 8 October 1973 that the first ever British radio commercial was broadcast. It was a 60 second slot to promote - Bird’s Eye fish fingers. 



Fast forward to the present day, and the current CBD trend, its the word on everyone's lips. The 'CBD phenomenon' that is sweeping the globe, is partly down to the fact its available almost everywhere and also because people are finally starting to learn about the once frowned upon 'cannabis plant extract' and all it has to offer.

You can't go anywhere without hearing people talk about it, discussing it on tv and radio and everyday there is an article printed relating to CBD. This is not a faze, it's an industry that has no plans to slow down for the foreseeable future. Yet despite all of this widespread discussion the limitations and boundaries for those companies selling the products are never ending. 

As we all know advertising is at the forefront of most businesses marketing strategies, this is to raise awareness, get business noticed and recognised in order to gain customers and grow. Internet, T.V and Radio  are all great ways to advertise due to the sheer impact advertising has in  reaching a specific target audience and on a large scale. However for the cannabis / CBD industry, the appearance of more and more advertising restrictions have made it near impossible for CBD businesses to get there name out there.

Everyday there seems to be new restrictions and guidelines that must be followed in order to sell products containing cannabidiol (CBD). Broadcasting on UK media is virtually non existent and not allowed. That is until this summer.....


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NOPC Oils (Natural Organic Pure Clean CBD Oils) were given the all clear to broadcast the first radio advertisement in the UK on Virgin Media, this was following a series of discussions on their popular morning breakfast show by DJ Chris Evans. 

Chris and his team over the course of a few days discussed CBD and expressed a keen interest in trying it on his Virgin Radio Breakfast show, so we managed to get a meeting set up where we went over to the studios and gave our products to the team. The feedback was amazing (See previous blog post for more details)

This was where history was made as we was offered the chance to advertise NOPC Oils on Virgin Radio.... of course we couldn't say no....and as they say...


'The Rest is History'...or in this case Radio Broadcasting History!

Our advert was passed by radio broadcasting compliance and allowed to air....this is a historic moment in UK Radio Broadcasting and a GREAT moment for the CBD Industry.



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