Popular DJ & Presenter Chris Evans Praises CBD Oil

Popular DJ & Presenter Chris Evans Praises CBD Oil - Natural Organic Pure Clean CBD Oils | NOPC OIls-www.nopcoils.com



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Popular DJ Chris Evans Praises CBD

Chris Evans, the popular DJ and Presenter of the Virgin Radio Breakfast Show is the latest celebrity to give CBD the thumbs up.

You may have already heard Chris Evans on his UK Breakfast Show discussing CBD with the show's team at Virgin Radio.

Or maybe you read the articles in the Daily Express ? These are great articles covering the points discussed by Chris and the topic he has been addressing daily during his breakfast show, we are unable to publish these as a Cannabis Trades Association UK accredited CBD company.

Chris and his team, over the course of a few days discussed CBD and expressed a keen interest in trying it on his Virgin Radio Breakfast show, so we managed to get a meeting set up where we went over to the studios and gave our products to the team. The feedback was amazing.

This was where history was made as we was offered the chance to advertise NOPC Oils on Virgin Radio!.....of course we couldn't say no and as they say...

'The Rest is History'...or in this case Radio Broadcasting History!


The restrictions surrounding what we can or can't say regarding CBD limits us with what we are allowed to publish.... but... do you know which brand of CBD the popular DJ and Presenter Chris Evans is actually taking or talking about ?

If you listened carefully Chris mentioned that you could now pick up CBD at most local chemists  ( 'like' Lloyd’s Pharmacies") he didn't actually say 'he had'.


free cbd-virgin radio-chris evans praises cbd-nopc oils


The team at Natural Organic Pure Clean CBD Oils (NOPC Oils) first heard Chris Evans discussing CBD on the breakfast show when Chris openly asked his team: "what was CBD all about" and "what are the benefits of CBD, if any ?"

Chris then tried CBD live on air and announced this to over 1 .5 million daily listeners! 

What followed is CBD & UK Radio Broadcasting Media history and a great day for the CBD industry!

.... days later..... Chris openly stated his positive thoughts towards CBD - Which have been repeatedly re-published and aired by the UK media and many CBD companies ....looking to state their claim to be the CBD oils which Mr Evans is using !

Just one day after of beginning his CBD journey, Chris Evans spoke about various noticeable changes in his overall well-being since taking the CBD Oils. Chris spoke about doing windmills, he continued to inform the Virgin Radio Breakfast team and their listeners about his experiences with CBD (Cannabidiol).

The 53-year-old DJ and presenter has since gone on to explain that he has continued to use CBD Oil regularly.

Chris stated:

“ It doesn’t have any of the psychogenic in it, and that’s
the most important thing!"
★  ★  ★ 
" What is that about? ....Go out there, investigate it...."
★  ★  ★ 
“ It’s part of this thing called micro-dosing. It may well be the future.”


Tune in and listen to Chris Evans on his Virgin Radio Breakfast Show weekdays at 6.30am on DAB or SKY!

Chris continues to be a great advocate of CBD in what is a heavily restricted industry ! So we would like to thank you Chris Evans for your support and advocacy of CBD Oils - NOPC Oils!

So tune into Chris Evans on Virgin Radio and hopefully he will continue to discuss more about his personal CBD journey.... and we hope to be able to report more.



Following on from Chris Evans his colleague, weekday mid-morning Virgin Radio DJ Eddy Temple-Morris, was keen to try our oils. His response was amazing and his feedback was literally music to our ears.



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