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The widespread interest in CBD oil has not gone unnoticed in the professional sports industry. Although previously officials and professional athletes had been looking at cannabis suspiciously, mainly due to its psychoactive ingredient THC, in recent years it has started to change. The natural components of hemp seem so safe to use, that some of the largest sports organisations, urged by the public, scientists, and the athletes themselves, have begun changing their attitude towards CBD and have even, crossed off cannabidiol (CBD) from the prohibited substances lists. Even better still, CBD Oil is gaining more and more acceptance as a mild natural dietary supplement for athletes.



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CBD is an abbreviation of 'cannabidiol' - a naturally occurring compound found within the cannabis (hemp) plant. It has a wide range of uses from food supplements to topical skincare products. In fact, it has been found to produce over 25,000 different products and materials, including; fabric, building materials such as hempcrete, and plastic!

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 100 known ' cannabinoids ' naturally produced by the cannabis plant. It has a different chemical structure to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive compound that is commonly known to give users a “high”. CBD does NOT have this effect. 



CBD (cannabidiol) is not currently listed on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Prohibited List. As a result, it is permitted to use in sport. All other cannabinoids (including THC) ARE prohibited in-competition. The intention of the regulations is to ban cannabinoids that activate the same receptors as those activated by THC.  



The use of CBD products by a professional athlete is to be done so at their own risk. As a result, CBD products should be considered in a similar way to all dietary supplements. But, strict liability will still apply along with the appropriate sanctions being imposed, on any professional athlete found with an adverse analytical finding from any product.

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The popularity of CBD among athletes has become a hot topic, mainly due to the decision of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), at the beginning of 2018, when they announced the official removal of cannabidiol (CBD) from its prohibited substances list. Without a doubt, the WADA’s reaction has been caused by the case of Nate Diaz, an MMA fighter who openly vaped CBD during a press conference after a lost fight. The player was punished with a warning by the American Anti-Doping Agency, but the case grew big enough to attract the attention of the media, fans and other athletes. And this was not the first time that athletes had raised the issue of using natural CBD supplements, but it is by far the most famous one. CBD Compliments Athletes and is NO LONGER banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency!


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After a rigorous workout or taking part in a sporting competition, all fitness fanatics want the ability to get straight back in the gym to continue working on their goals!

"So.... how can I help speed up my recovery after a workout? "



One of the easiest ways to help reduce recovery time is by making sure you have the correct intake of protein. Eating the right amount each day will allow your body to perform well, enhance muscle growth and repair.

★ ★ ★  


Light exercises, such as yoga, walking, pilates or swimming can all assist a quick, active recovery. As these help your body to maintain a steady heart rate - an unbalanced heart rate is dangerous so remaining active and healthy is extremely important.

Light exercises also increase the blood flow to our joints and muscles and stop the build-up of lactic acid.

★ ★ ★  

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3. S

Stretching before and after a workout can make a difference in how your muscles respond to exercise... Stretching helps increase the blood to your muscles, warms your muscles, helping to improve your flexibility and motions.

★ ★ ★ 




You can’t survive without water - it makes up nearly two-thirds of your body and is vital in order to function properly. Water holds a wide range of benefits for your body and it is extremely important to keep yourself fully hydrated when excising in order to help your body's recovery.

The body can lose up to 1.4 litres of water through sweat during a workout. If we don't replace this water, our bodies become dehydrated, which causes you to feel unwell and experience muscle cramps.

★ ★ ★ 

5. SLEEP -

Sleeping can work wonders for your recovery time after a workout because you need sleep to increase your potential to become stronger, fitter, and healthier.

After a workout, sleep is vital in order to build your body back up and even more powerful than before. Your body heals and recovers whilst you are sleeping.

So, make sure you are getting enough sleep and rest, to get the most out of what you are doing when you are awake. It’s a very simple way to gain the most from your intense workouts. 

Just sleeping 7-8 hours every night, allows vital functioning, and will help you feel refreshed, alert, and ready to go again the next day.

★ ★ ★ 


Taking Organic CBD products as part of your everyday routine can help support and maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially during the highs and lows of fitness training.

Try it for yourself, to see what you think - join us and millions of others who take CBD regularly by introducing it into their daily routines.


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The effect of dietary supplements such as CBD Oil, suits the challenges that physical exercise poses to the body. The best bio-availability will be ensured by having CBD with the post-workout meal (up to two hours after training), with a certain amount of fats.

Finally, it is worth remembering that CBD oils available, have the status of a dietary food supplement, and athletes should treat them as such. 

Every week, UK sports stars, Boxers, Pro Athletes, Premier league football stars including Premiership rugby club, sports stars, and more and more sports enthusiasts are turning to cannabis oil products in the pre and post work out routines.

These individuals are now emerging as key advocates within the CBD marketplace with many becoming brand ambassadors, helping numerous CBD brands to thrive and organically market their products to there fan base.

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In boxing - Anthony Fowler openly discusses CBD use on Sky Sports.

Charlie Edwards, a CBD brand ambassador frequently discusses CBD for pre & post sports recovery.

Sources in the industry claim that even boxing heavyweight legend Anthony Joshua uses a CBD Balm / CBD Salve post-fight.

In golf during the US Masters, Phil Mickelson was seen taking a small tincture of CBD from his golf bag and taking a few drops from a Pipette into his mouth. CBD seems to have fast become a well-loved essential part of most golfers' bags. Joint and Muscle creams are used to relieve tired aching arms after a long day on the course, with many using CBD drops throughout.


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In the USA Athletes from across several sports voiced their support for CBD. An active player in an American professional football league (on the condition of anonymity), opted to begin using CBD after learning about it. 

One of the more notable retired players is Marvin Washington. He had never consumed cannabis before he turned to CBD after retiring. He became one of five plaintiffs challenging the 1970 Controlled Substance Act and the U.S. Department of Justice’s stance. Marvin Washington, after research and learning about the compound, said he discovered that:

"As a former professional athlete, CBD - is oil for the tin man. I take a CBD tincture daily and use CBD based creams ." 

CBD is one of the two main active ingredients in cannabis, but it is not the mind-altering one - that is THC, which is illegal in the UK as of today. 16/10/2018.



Whether you play professional sports, are a competitive bodybuilder, fighter, or just a regular at your local gym, you will already know the importance of rest and recovery. 

And if your aim is to get bigger, faster, or stronger, there are three essentials that you MUST master as an athlete: DietTrainingand Sleep. Without a solid balance of these three, you can not fully achieve your potential best growth or performance.

Sleep positively impacts the human body's recovery processes.


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New CBD infused products hit the market every week. 

You can ingest CBD Oil through capsules, pastes, pure oil or you can inhale it as a vapor via CBD E-Liquid. It has been infused into sports drinks, recovery drinks, and all manner of edibles.

There are also topical creams, balms, and lotions that contain CBD oil, as well as the most popular choice - CBD tinctures, which allow the CBD Oil drops to be placed under the tongue (sublingually).


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There is no right or wrong way to take CBD Oil, it is an entirely individual journey that is down to personal preference. 

When it comes to how much CBD to take, again this is a personal experience that has to be found by the individual. Discovering how much CBD to consume depends on what they are trying to achieve and their body's tolerance.

Everybody is different, so we recommend that however you choose to consume CBD Oil, always start with a low amount first and gradually increase after 5-7 days, if required..... the key to this is ...  patience.

Some people find they need more than others, some find they require the lowest amount. 


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We recommend allowing yourself 2 weeks in order for your body to get used to CBD. Some suggest keeping a diary to note any reactions, how your feeling etc.

Most customers find their most noticeable changes appear at the 2-week point. 

Whatever way you choose to use CBD Oil... when, how much, and how often. 
One thing that is for certain...

You will be glad you started your CBD Journey and you won't live life without it!



Research on CBD is now plentiful and easily accessible, and the education emerging around CBD is undeniably powerful and compelling. We always urge everyone to do their own research first.


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An Olympic athlete could perform in their chosen event with a body full of CBD, and they would be well within the rules to do so. Future events may teach us a lot about CBD, as athletes are cleared for full use of this food supplement.

 .....We look forward to it.

There are varying products and different qualities of CBD available on the market, so it is important to research and educate yourself about the products that you want to try as part of your workout. An athlete looking to start using CBD should make sure it contains no traces of THC. Have a look at our lab test certificates at the bottom of our home page from our third-party testing facility.

CBD is taking the sports industry by storm, this 100% Natural, Organic, Pure, Clean CBD Oil is an exceptional addition to helping maintain a healthy lifestyle and is set to become an essential part of your daily routine.



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NOPC Oils - CBD Infused Sports Recovery, offer a range of products

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All products are infused with the highest quality, full-spectrum organic CBD,

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