Celebrate the 1st 'Cannabinuary''

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January 2020 - the Start of a New  UK Revolution

- The birth of ‘Cannbinuary’

An opportunity to raise awareness, embrace, celebrate, and educate all things 'Hemp'

- Cannabidiol CBD, Cannabinoid, Cannabis Sativa, collectively one of the greatest well-being subjects of our time. 

This powerful plant holds amazing potential benefits for our overall natural health and well-being and it appears, could be a game-changer when it comes to the planet's fast mounting environmental issues and our future, its time everyone was made aware of its benefits to us and our planet.

Hemp has thousands of uses and can be made into hundreds of products including self-care products and supplements containing CBD.

Due to recent changes to some worldwide legislations, Cannabidiol (CBD) has caused quite a stir, and its hard to escape or not to notice as it's in every news article, on TV, over the web, in magazines, literally everywhere you look it's being discussed. 

This has brought with it a curiosity along with mixed thoughts and verdicts. Many swear by it and say they wouldn't be without it, whilst others frown upon it and would not even consider trying it, due to the stigma which predominantly shadows the Cannabis Sativa plant from which comes from.


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As the founders of Cannabinuary, let us explain how it got started…

The rise in popularity of CBD shows no sign of slowing down any time soon and with this rise, we are seeing thousands of people here in the UK beginning to take notice, with many starting to educate themselves on the possibilities of CBD and how it can benefit their daily lives by assisting their health and well-being. 

Our personal experience and where our CBD journey began, unintentionally led us to where we find ourselves today and since starting our path to Natural Organic Pure Clean CBD Oils (NOPC Oils) - almost two years ago, we have seen a huge rise in the number of CBD companies, as well as a lot more accessible and reliable information relating to CBD in the UK. 

We quickly learned at that time, CBD was only just beginning to surface here in the UK with most people still unaware of its existence, some were very reluctant to discuss or even consider CBD.

Whereas in the USA it was a totally different story, it’s subject was on the rise and already hugely popular, it seemed to be trending everywhere, the talk of USA social sites, on TV, with hundreds of companies already established and selling CBD products with many Hollywood stars endorsing and marketing their own product lines, the demand was high and CBD widely welcomed and there was a vast amount of information available about this new talk of the town ‘Cannabidiol’ CBD.

Moving on, over the past year, we have seen a surge in CBD products hitting the UK shelves, companies, and shops seem to be popping up everywhere, every newspaper, magazine or TV show has a story about it, everyone is discussing it, mostly about how amazing CBD is, what it can do, etc, but this has also led to lots of confusion and mixed feeling. 

Like most good things, in the UK they come with the negatives too, there is always some miserable and dull input brought into the equation from somewhere. Along with fake, cheap products being sold on the market which then brings the warnings, scaring consumers and creating a hugely varied opinion and many debates. 

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CBD has been infused with just about anything and everything, creating an exciting buzz but also media stories about how its just another fad or trend that will soon be forgotten.

But this is NOT the case, CBD has not even got started here in the UK, surveys have found there are still millions of people who have never even heard of it and it is still yet to grow more in popularity as a food supplement, and it's most definitely here to stay.

We hear so many positive stories from customers who have introduced CBD into the daily lives and have continued with a regularity that has become second nature and just like brushing your teeth. Many say they would not be without it! 

Like most trends, we seem to always be slightly behind the frontrunners the USA.

Each of us here at NOPC Oils, and as a company believes in Cannabidiol (CBD) so greatly, so much so we wanted to create our own products to allow others access to a high quality and trustworthy source. We felt what we had discovered was something that should not be hidden or secret, but instead should be shared for all. 

Over time and with comfort in the knowledge that our product line is absolutely second to none, allowing us time to continue on and educate ourselves appropriately, always making sure that the information and knowledge we gain is legitimate and correct in order to pass this on to our customers.

Through this, we have been absolutely blown away by the things we have learned and every day we find out something new and exciting. Not only knowledge of CBD, or the products, supplements, latest trends but about the hemp plant as a whole, from its vast and colourful history, uses, benefits, how it grows, what it is and its facts, including its potential influence on our eco-system - its uses seem never-ending and its history goes beyond what we could ever know.

The USA has already established days, a month and a week where they celebrate hemp, CBD, Cannabis Sativa, and it appears that these days in order to raise awareness and get more people taking notice are extremely successful, there are many people now campaigning for the use of hemp for environmental purposes, requesting it to be made more accessible in its various forms, and as a result, it seems to be slowly shaking off its stigma which follows it so prominently.

We noticed through our own passion and belief, that there is nothing like this being done here in the UK, leaving a big hole in the awareness of hemp.

As an answer to this, we founded the month of 'Cannabinuary' - we feel that the benefits of awareness are too great to not shout about, our environmental issues are too big to just sit back and ignore. Humans are destroying the planet at alarming rates, but only we can change that or at least slow its damage down.

Hemp could be the answer to many problems, and these facts have to be raised.

Hemp has opened our eyes, and Cannabinuary is our chance to open yours. 


First and foremost Cannabinuary is a time to try CBD, the month of January sees most of us starting new year resolutions, mostly health-related subjects. So January we felt was a perfect time. It is a time for those who have been thinking about trying CBD to just go for it.

We want to, not only provide consumers with CBD or hemp products, it's not all about sales and money, this is about something we believe strongly in. We want to educate on what CBD is, how to take it, what to look for in a brand, and also want to allow everyone the chance to discover and learn for themselves just how amazing, high quality, ethically sourced CBD is and learn how to recognise trustworthy brands.



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The New Year always begins with us all looking at our health and well-being, a fresh start, new year, new you attitude with many turning to the latest trending diets and lifestyle changes such as intuitive eating, detoxification, and Keto (ketogenic) diets. 

Currently, the BIG trend to start the new year is Veganuary which encourages people worldwide to try vegan for January and beyond, encouraging people to try a plant-based diet. It was created with one thing in mind ...to create a Vegan world and has rapidly grown in popularity, with many celebrities now backing the cause.

There are now many trending fads and all kinds of weird and wonderful days of celebration that run throughout the year, created to raise awareness about a subject. We have all heard of Dry January - the UK's one-month booze-free challenge, it’s a chance to ditch the hangover, boost energy and save some serious money while doing your body a lot of good.

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Maybe you're trying out ‘Januhairy?' Inspired by Movember this bold new trend, sees women let their leg and armpit hair grow wild!
Or how about, 'Cavemanuary' (only watching the first four channels on your TV), 'Cancanuary' (doing high kicks all month), 'Pecanuary' (either going or just eating nuts), 'Cardiganuary' (only wearing knitwear that buttons up). or maybe even 'PeterPanuary' (being really immature all month. We don't fancy trying any of these fads ... 
Here at NOPC Oils, this January is all about... 'Cannabinuary'...



Is to embrace, celebrate and educate all things hemp, to raise awareness in the UK of the crop which could potentially help the planet and our future greatly. Due to its prohibition and links to its cousin plant marijuana, it is often overlooked or frowned upon.

Not many are aware of its vast history, which can be traced back as far as 10,000 years ago, it is one of the oldest crops known to man and has a long and rich history with mankind across the globe.

With a catalogue of very interesting facts and uses, it has been used to produce fibres, textiles, hempcrete, paper, developing ropes, ladders, and sails for ships, and actually revolutionised many industries! 

Due to the recent restrictions being lifted and rise in interest and use of CBD, has led a mixed curiosity, some have embraced it and its become part of everyday life for thousands who are finding it extremely beneficial as a food supplement to help maintain and support overall health and wellbeing.

We are also re-discovering the hemp plants environmental benefits, it seems its adaptability to produce many materials, and the speed at which it grows and in almost any climate means hemp could actually be a huge game-changer when it comes to the environment, saving our trees and clearing the oceans of the tonnes of plastic that so heavily weigh it down. 

Our goal is to spread the word, this can simply just be through talking to friends and relatives, education is the key and given the current climate crisis situation, action needs to be taken sooner rather than later so that governments start to listen - together we are louder and stronger. 

First, let's rid this amazing wonder of nature of the stigma that so predominantly follows it. 

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Once a dominant crop across the globe, Industrial hemp was refined for various product applications, including paper, textiles, and cordage.

Over time the use of hemp has developed and used to produce a vast number of various products, which include; health foods, supplements, hair and body care, clothing, biofuels, plant-based bioplastics, construction materials, and much more!

It has been said that there are over 25,000 products
which can be made from hemp


Hemp can provide natural, organic and sustainable ingredients for cosmetics, personal care products, and supplements including CBD. a food supplement made from hemp that has gained huge popularity throughout the world in recent years.

Part of CBD notoriety comes from its associations with cannabis oil, and its remarkable ability to naturally support overall health and well-being.

The hemp plant has existed in nature for what seems like forever, but its key ingredient, CBD has only recently been combined to create a unique and remarkable daily supplement, which naturally supports our endocannabinoid system.

CBD is more popular than ever, in fact, CBD supplements now outsell vitamin C supplements!

Its remarkable ability to support and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle has led to thousands of people using CBD as part of their daily lifestyle routines.

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The Endocannabinoid System, also known as ECS is an extremely important and complex system within the human body. The ECS is still a fairly new area of observation, as it was only just discovered in the 1990s and there is a lot more research still to be done in order to understand its functions fully.

CBD (Cannabidiol) food supplements provide a source of phytocannabinoids which support the ECS (Endocannabinoid System), helping to naturally maintain and support your overall health and wellbeing.
Many are now taking CBD supplements regularly to promote and maintain a healthier lifestyle! Therefore many consumers whatever their reason into investing in CBD supplements and products you have to look at various influencing factors to support your CBD intake and personal journey:

An architect does not build a skyscraper without looking at the foundations, a plumber does not install a new boiler or bathroom suite without checking the water supply waste and plumbing, a pilot does not forget to check the weather conditions or his equipment and fuel capacity before leaving the runway ..... 

We have to look at ourselves, our daily routine, our own foundations - our diet is also a key to balance and our general well being...

Consider the professional athlete seeking a gold medal after many failed attempts ... do they change their routine? diet? training plan? We could go on... or find alternative analogies ... but you get our point.

Obviously, the answer is yes to all! 

Therefore there is a great belief that one should consider the same approach in regards to taking CBD supplements!!

You don’t join the gym and then dine out at fast-food restaurants, you don’t go on a calorie control diet and consume high-calorie content foods, lots of processed foods... and sugar-filled carbonated drinks... so why would you do the same when introducing a new food supplement?

Combining CBD supplements with a healthier chosen lifestyle can be rewarding. January 2020 and Cannabinuary is born!



Its history is fascinating, here are a few interesting facts from a list of hundreds:

1. For over 200 years in colonial America, hemp was actually considered legal tender and could be used as a currency to pay taxes. 

2. During the 1100's China used the first paper currency which was made from hemp.

3. In 1914 the US Dollar Bill was printed on hemp paper.

4. Until the 1880’s all school books were printed on hemp paper.

5. During the 16th century, in England, King Henry VIII made hemp cultivation a law of the land, farmers had to set aside land in order to grow hemp, or they’d face a fine for breaking the law.

6. 80% of the world's textiles, fabrics, clothes, linen, drapes, and bedsheets were made from hemp until the 1820's when cotton was introduced.

7. In 1942 the US government made a film “Hemp for Victory” to encourage farmers to grow hemp in order to help the United States win World War II. 


    These are just a few fascinating insights into how important hemp was many years ago. Inline with our new Cannabinuary campaign, look out for more educating and amazing history of hemp facts in our next blog, coming very soon...

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    Not only can it be used to produce products, but hemp also holds positive environmental benefits too, here are just a few;

    1. It can be grown in various climates and in different soil conditions, in fact, it actually improves the soil on which it grows, hemp can effectively filter out, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and pollutants.

    2. Its rapid growth rate means it has the ability to plant 3-4 crops per year, making it one of the fastest, most sustainable and eco-friendly industrial processes on earth.

    3. It could save around 4 billion trees per year if we switched to hemp for paper instead of timber.

    4. Hemp is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

    5. It can be converted into an eco-friendly toxic-free, biodegradable bio-diesel to power cars.

    6. Hemp can be grown without pesticides.

    7. It can save the bees by offering them an offseason source of nectar.


      ….the list is endless and we could go on forever but you get the picture and can see for yourself just how beneficial this plant is. To further educate consumers, look out for more eye-opening and extremely promising environmental benefits from growing hemp, in our upcoming blog, coming very soon... don't miss this - you will be amazed at the potential hemp holds in changing our climate crisis.

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      One of our first aims is to provide consumers with an understanding or better understanding of what hemp-derived CBD is, where it comes from, what it does, and how it could assist them in achieving their health and well-being goals.

      Whilst this may sound quite straightforward, it is actually both difficult and challenging. Mainly due to so many strict UK regulations when it comes to what we can or can’t say, also due to the bad reputation and name hemp has due to its close relation to marijuana.

      Cannabinuary is simple, we don't want to continue in a world where our bad habits and ignorance pollutes oceans, makes climate change worse, cuts trees in vast quantities steering wild animal populations to full extinction, or pollute the air we breathe with toxic gases and selfishly damage our beautiful planet to the point of no return. Or one where illnesses and medication are of no concern or sympathy but mean that there is money to be made.

      It's a conscious effort to educate all on the potential of a plant that has been sanctioned and locked away for nothing more than being related to another species.  

      Hemp and Marijuana are both strains of cannabis, they look and smell identical, and both were illegal for decades.

      But there’s one major difference -

      Marijuana contains large amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the substance responsible for its intoxicating effects which cause consumers to feel high.

      Hemp contains only trace amounts of THC (0.3 percent to be exact) and the Cannabidiol (CBD) is found in abundance. CBD does NOT cause a high. 

      To put in simpler terms;

      it's like your cousin being arrested and jailed for a crime they committed, and you then get a knock at the door from the police who swiftly arrest you and take you to jail, where you are locked up for many years! For no reason other, than because you and your cousin are related.

      A naturally grown plant that belongs to the earth, not the government, that has played a huge part in human civilisation for centuries, a natural wonder that can clothe, feed, house, and fuel us, prohibited by misleading the public into thinking it's dangerous because of greed. 

      If households could grow hemp plants it would allow them to be self-sufficient, as a result, there would be no need to arrange huge money-making deals with other countries for oil, gas and other materials to be imported. 

      It gives us something to think about. We don’t think this should be overlooked, when our planet is heading for disaster at an alarming rate yet there is an answer to some of the problems, we believe it needs to be considered and fast. 
      With all of the above in mind, it's clear to see why we feel so strongly about advocating, supporting and shouting about all things hemp, cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabis Stiva and Cannabinoid related.

      Cannabinuary is everything above summed up in one, are you going to join us in the latest revolution?


      • Start using CBD supplements
      • Learn a bit about its fascinating history
      • Educate one or more person on its potentials and benefits
      • Discuss a historical topic related to hemp and one well-being fact
      • Share a post about CBD or Hemp
      • Shop CBD or hemp products

      We encourage you to start making a conscious decision when shopping, where possible buy hemp products and support the cannabinuary revolution not just in January but throughout the year. 

      The future of hemp and CBD is down to us, we're the only ones who can make sure it has a promising, bright and above all legal future.  Keep sharing, keep talking, keep educating, it's the only way we are going to see change - together we can make a difference!


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